A dumb question about premium content

this is probably stupid, but in looking at paks at https://library.mybeatbuddy.com/, I am curious if these are beats with fills made to work with the listed song or are they one press songs that play through,
For example, in the Tom Petty pak which is listed as “Tom Petty beats in the style of” . .if I was going to play Breakdown (which is listed), is that going to load a beat and variation with fills that works with Breakdown or is it the single push full song kinda thing in a linear arrangement? I get confused if the name of the pak is “beats”,“songs”, etc. and can’t tell anything by the wav demo other than what the beats in the pak sound like versus how they are structured. I see several I would like to purchase but would like to know how they work first.
Thanks for any help as usual.

The songs from the premium library are in the default format (as in the attached screen shot).

None of the premium library songs are in a one-press format.

thank you for the prompt reply . .be breaking out the credit card this evening :slight_smile: