A few aeros questions

Hey I was thinking of getting an aeros looper mainly because I would be able to store loops and have them ready to go in a live situation which I cant do with my boomerang phase 111
Its going to cost $1000 here in Aust tho so I was wondering if all the bugs have been sorted now and is there a latest version to buy or should I wait until a better version is released

Seems to be pretty robust now and they are slowly adding features and improving usability.

The hardware isn’t changing any time soon and the software updates are pretty easy.

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The Aeros is very slow loading songs. I have a 6x6 song which takes 94 seconds to load. You might be able to use it for every other song in a live set. It is one of the few serious drawbacks to using Aeros for live performance.

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Yes, it is slow to load songs.

I’m not one to use pre-recorded material live, but lots of reasons why that’s important for some.

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If you use reverse on the boomerang, you will miss it on the Aeros.

Hello there, yes the Aeros has come a long way and is far improved and is continuing to do so. We do plan on looking into long load times this is a polish that many users have requested we look into. I’ll bring it up again and see devs thoughts on this issue.

If you’re used to the boomerang you may be used to starting from fresh and may not be the type to save all your performances, in this case, using a New 6x6 or New 2x2 MIDI command can speedily open a blank song, or you can delete the current song and start anew. We have gotten some requests that will also help minimize unneeded wait times that we also plan on implementing.

In the end, going with the Aeros you will find a product that is growing, improving, and already miles ahead of a bunch of other loopers on the market.

Hope to see you on the forum again!