A few MIDI questions re: Aeros Workflow and "Basic" Aeros commands

Hello All -
I’ve searched I think every MIDI post, and haven’t found answers to the following. Please accept my apologies if I did miss something. Here is a sample “workflow” that I’m trying to implement, all via MIDI, and I’ve indicated where I can make the Aeros already functions this way:

  1. Start a new 2 track or 6 track song (using last new song settings) AEROS DOES THIS NOW

Aeros shows the song screen, waiting for you to hit record to start the first track. BUT

  1. You cannot start “RECORD” via MIDI – there’s no mapped command. The “Record New Track” MIDI commanddoes NOT start the initial recording. Is there a midi command that executes the “record” command from the new song screen?

  2. Then, if I want to “PLAY” with what I just recorded, I also cannot hit “PLAY” without using the AEROS. Can there be a MIDI command added for the Rec-Overdub-play or Rec-play-overdub (depending on setting) button?

  3. Then, if I want to do an overdub on that track, I also have to use the AEROS. This is linked to #3 above.

Basically, it seems the most “basic” commands don’t have MIDI calls.

Is it too late to add these to the upcoming MIDI implementation?

I can only assume that the basic command structure of the Aeros as controlled by Aeros’s own switches will be part of the more comprehensive MIDI update. I don’t think they’ve given us much of a real peek yet at what implementation they are planning, but I hope they do soon.

For now, the best thing to do is keep the MIDI Controller and the Aeros next to each other. It’s what I’ve had to do to get rolling.

Do you use an external MIDI Clock or have the ability to send in a MIDI START command? There’s slightly more you can do with regard to how the Aeros will handle the first track with that. After the initial round of recording is started, then I think “Record New Track” behaves as you would expect for all the rest of the tracks. See the setting MIDI IN: START for more info.

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Yep, this is what I do now.

Also correct, and as I stated, this is how the Aeros currently functions. HOWEVER, if I want to record only a 2nd (or any up to 6) track, then there is no MIDI command to stop recording that current track and just play, which is functionality I’m looking for. If I record new track it will start recording a 3rd track, which I may not want.

it looks like someone had requested MIDI mapping of the 3 buttons and scroll wheel in that MIDI megathread started 2 weeks ago, so I know I’m not the only person who is missing this functionality (I missed that the first time around, and I “liked” that post).

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Hey there, that’s not totally correct, this command does start the Aeros recording from a stopped state

We are working on MIDI commands that will handle this

No, it is not too late, but the 3 commands you are asking for will be in the releases, but likely will not all be ready at the same time.

More info on MIDI coming very soon, thanks for the questions