a few new songs

I’m recently the proud owner of BB. Does anyone want a alesis SE 16 ? haha. I’ve been enjoying some of the songs posted here, so am returning the favor with a few I’ve stumbled across.
Sangria (b.shelton) Blues 2 bpm 113
Smooth Blues 2 bpm 120 percussion kit
Dust on the Bottle Country 6 bpm 105
Little Sister Country 6 bpm 130
Toes Blues 1 bpm 126
Tonight Looks Good On You Funk 1 bpm 90

Thanks for the great forum, much appreciated.

Ive got 2 SR16s for sale lol.

I’m sure there will be a lot of SR16’s for sale soon. :slight_smile: I’m do mostly solo acoustic shows, the BB really fills things up. Will be syncing with my boomerang III very soon. I’m very new to the BB so have just scrapped the surface on its full potential. Loads of fun, and an inspiring piece of gear.