A few percentage points of Memory Used showing after deleting all tracks

This weird thing has started happening where I finish a piece, go to the Delete All Tracks screen, press Yes and the song still shows a few percent (3-7) Memory Used when returning to the song’s home screen. Thinking there’s still some tracks not deleted I try to open the song but it doesn’t open because it must not perceive there’s anything there. I end up having to go into the Songs section of menu and putting the whole song into the trash. I have version 3.1.10 installed. What’s going on?

I don’t know if it will help, but you might want to upgrade to version 3.1.12.

Thanks for the suggestion. Since it’s not a major functionality issue i’ll just wait until the latest release gets out of beta, especially as i just saw they’ve encountered bugs. With us only in the middle of the third plague - fire - after #1 disease, and #2 upheaval out here in California i think i’ll do what i can to avoid the one with the bugs.

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