A few requests

I realize that the 500 event limit is probably something that cannot be upgraded without a hardware change. However, if possible, I have some previous full song drum arrangements that I used to use with Ableton that I was hoping to transfer to the Beatbuddy. However, the 500 event limit often prevents me from being able to do this.

Also, I have two suggestions for the Transitions (and maybe this can be selectable in the manager).

I have noticed that if a fill is more than 1 bar, you have to hold the transition until the last bar of the fill. I request some way of saying in the manager (Play all bars of this transition). That way, say I have a 4 bar transition, it will start it, transition to the next part. This alone would make Beatbuddy much more versatile for me…

Also, others have mentioned. more options for footswitches would be handy… I suck at Double presses… I would prefer to have a button I push strictly for fill, 1 for transition and 1 for ending… As well, I would still like the pause feature and the accent feature… (Haha! Not asking for much am I?!?)…

The only other thing I would like to see with the device is to be able to either trigger the sounds in the beatbuddy via Midi or vice Versa (Have the Beatbuddy be able to trigger external sounds)…

For the software, A full fledged Midi Editor would be awesome (To make sure that Midi formatting is correct)… ONe that allows a midi file to be imported and chopped up (And maybe even edited by cutting and pasting)…

Again, I really have no complaints… At it’s price range, the Beatbuddy is a neat little device that I am sure I will get used to… I really do like it and now that I am back from assignment, I have began again working with it to get my rhythms transitioned from Ableton and my drum machine to the Beatbuddy…

Anton Flint

Great suggestions. We’ll consider it when designing the next model :wink:

That’s a really well thought suggestion list. Yet, I have a feeling that 500 event limit is possible to be waived without a hardware upgrade. It is a result of a firmware using fixed files sizes.

Thanks for the Lighthearted Response David!

Daefecator: Thanks for your unwavering dedication to making this forum awesome!

I was even thinking this “Gosh… if the Beat Buddy Manager Software could operate stand alone with a USB foot pedal, I would even be happy with it as a software!”. Of course, I still take a laptop to each of my Duo gigs so this is a natural thought for me… I like the pedal for when I play solo. Still, with a little more programming, I will at least be able to replace my Boss DR-880 with the BeatBuddy completely.

The 500 Event limit expansion would indeed be nice if possible in BeatBuddy 1! I almost think that if I could drop a whole song in there, It make things a whole lot easier for me.

Thanks again for the great product and look forward to more expansion in the future!


If you are going to be putting whole songs on the BB then it would just be cheaper to use backing tracks, or am I missing something?

Well… I do like the sound of the Beat Buddy samples and I would prefer not to have two different solutions for rhythm tracks… I really do prefer the sounds of the BeatBuddy to my Boss DR-880 (which I previously used for drum sounds). I realize I could make rhythm tracks with the Beat Buddy but I am just trying to avoid having several different sources of rhythm.