A Fun New Stompbox for Your Pedalboard

The Where’s Waldo Trio has been a strictly amplified acoustic act up until recently. But, over Christmas, I bought a pedal that does a fairly amazing job (especially for the money) of sounding like a range of Fender amps.
For less than $50.
Here’s a clip of the pedal direct into the board (no amp sims, no EQ, no futzing around) so you can hear what it sounds like without any additional tweaks.

Cool, huh?

Sounds good…what is the name of the pedal?

Yep it’s a great pedal for the money. When not using my guitar amp I use one that I have setup like a Tech 21 flyrig. I am actually looking to get a new Flyrig Cali when I get some more money.

I run my signal from my guitar into a distortion pedal, into a compressor, into the Joyo American. If using a setup with a mixer I take the output to a channel on the mixer. If using my busking amp I take the output into the beatbuddy and then the combined output of the beatbuddy and guitar into a roland cube.

The joyo does a good job of giving a clean fender sound.
It’s used in all the electric guitar playing in this clip.


I use the Tech21 RK5 and just love it. Ill have to check out the Flyrig Cali. That must be new.

They have two new ones. The “Brit Flyrig” based on the British Character pedal Marshall type sound I think and the “Cali Flyrig” based on their California Character pedal for a Mesa Boogie sound.
I’m waiting on some videos first but I do like the sound of a Boogie amp.
I think the clean sounds are the same as the current flyrigs, just the drive has the different flavours.