A how to question

I’m going to guess this will have a stupendously obvious answer, but seeing as how I’ve been unable to figure it out, I need to ask!

How do you close out a new pattern you’re working on, and return to your purchased content? I had to reload the SD data in order to do it, but there must be an easier way.

Thank you

Hey there, is this an issue with the BeatBuddy Manager?


Some more detail would be helpful so that users that would try to answer your question know enough about the situation to render a useable answer on the first reply.

Are you working on the pattern in the MIDI Editor of the BBM? If so and you want to save it and return to the Project Explorer, you would press the Apply button in the bottom left corner. If you want to exit without saving your changes, press Cancel.

I think you’ve answered my question with the “apply”, “cancel” options. Thank you. I really like the sound created here, but as good as that side is, the application design, and user manual are as bad as that sound is good.

Believe it or not, I’m a quality engineer, and have a degree in software development, so it’s not like Forrest Gump is trying to work with this thing after a few beers. It would be nice if Singular put some work into the GNU side of this, even if just focusing on the user manual to explain what all the drop down options do, and how to use them.

Thanks for your help all the same.