A key or legend for the drum kits?

Hi all, I noticed that some drumkits have prefixes, e.g., NP or P. Assuming this isn’t talking about complexity theory (don’t ask…), what do those stand for? For example, I just got a song (Layla acoustic) that required the drum kit SuperBass.
I tried to download it and it gave me two versions
P SuperBass
NP StdPBass 63-91.

I understand that the numbers are indicating which instruments are mapped to the bass. But what about the prefixes?

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NP is non-percussion. At first, with the BB, bass was treated just like a drum, so the sample played out to its full length. Kits were made with short bass notes, quarter notes, mostly. The BB was not designed to recognize the midi note-off command. Then we got a firmware update that added the note-off. This meant we could have bass notes of varying length from a single longer sample, because we could now treat the bass as a Non-Percussion instrument.

STAX - 4 part kits.


And it’s hard to say what the P in SuperBass stood for unless it was truncated from NP. It could mean that it’s a kit created for content created before the BeatBuddy software and firmware were updated to handle MIDI note offs.