A midi preview would be extremely helpful, if possible.

While editing in BBM, it seems the only way one can actually hear the midi file snatched out of the default or user folders is by first inserting it into the song sub-section (intro, beat 1, fill, etc.). I suppose if you work with the canned midi files all the time, you get to know which ones you like and which ones you don’t. But it’d be really really nice to have a sub-screen/embedded player that could pop up and simply play the loop in the midi file before placing it into the song. It’s a little cumbersome to HAVE to throw it in the song to play it…only to find you dislike it…and then have to dart the hunt again from scratch in the folders.

Would you then need to be able to choose the Drumkit as well or would they just play with the standard kit? You can actually here the midi in media player using the builtin GM sound font or download another pack, although that won’t give you an accurate representation it will give you an idea. Another way would be to be able to add multiple files at once and then delete the ones you don’t like, unfortunately you can’t order the fills either without removing and adding them again in the order you would like them triggered.

Ah - good point about the drum kit sounds.

I’d be OK with just hearing the nature of the beat or fill. Good idea on using another program - I could keep another player’s window open in the background.