A Rest Drum fill

I am just starting using beat buddy, Creating songs with the built in Rhythms. Most of the songs our band does are train beats (Johnny Cash Tribute ). Issue is say like doing the song cocaine blues there is a 4 beat rest between verses. I guess you could hit pause and un pause on the pedal ,but it would be much easier to have a rest as a drum fill. Is there a way I can create that?

The easiest way to do that is to create a midi file with one bar, having a velocity 1 note on a note not present in the kit. Extend the note for the full 4 beats. Using this as a fill would result in 4 beats of silence.

4 beat rest.mid.zip (265 Bytes)

Unzip. Use as a fill.

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What Phil said. Another option is to build a fill that does what your drummer would probably do in a live situation: pedal a four-count on the high hat.