A SOLO button in addition to MUTE on mixer screen

Having a SOLO button on the mixer screen that mutes the rest of the track would be really really useful and awesome! And, as a second request, the possibility of Reverse or Edit the takes/track would be amazing!!


This is not a bad idea. Adding this to the list of requests for potential future features.


+1 on this!

+1 this would be a good feature




it would be also great if it would be possible to select track which then can be muted with one click…

@DavidPackouz @BrennanSingularSound … How possible it’s to include this on one of the next updates?

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Without using a Beat Buddy this would end up in a timing clash. As a performer without rhythm device I’d prefer stop/mute/restart features as described by @popa

I don’t see your point…
When you open the mixer screen, you are able to press the “M” (mute) button for any track you want to mute, so… instead of pressing these buttons 4 or 5 times in order to have only one track sounding, would be easier having this SOLO button, and the same for bringing the muted tracks back!


I’ve brought this up with David before, but we don’t have a solution yet, and it is not a priority as of yet, though I definitely see the benefit!

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One could still have it be an option for those of us that don’t use it with a Beat Buddy.


Thanks! glad to hear that this is in consideration :slight_smile:

I know, another Non-BeatBuddy-Aeros user here hahaha

I knew about the BB, but cool as it is, it’s something I wouldn’t need… was surprised there’s so much integration between the two, but I certainly can see why. I’m apparently in the minority on that.

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Same here, i’m more into finger drumming for looping


In regards to the solo command on the mixer, we do not really know how to fit this into the UI, we will explore possibilities. It is under consideration. That being said we do plan on allowing a foot command for soloing a track in the mixer, more on that soon.

The reverse is something we plan to implement eventually but is very low priority now and is seen as a future feature.

Thank you for your requests and patience.

Glad to hear about the reverse feature!!!
About the Solo button, I’ve got to route all the Solo MIDI commands to my korg nanokontrol studio, which is almost the same than having it on the mixer screen. It works perfectly with the nanokontrol.

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what if you (allow an option to) turn the current mute button into a three way switch? tap once to cycle between Mute->Solo->Normal. a bit clumsy for now but should be relatively quick to tack on til a more long term solution is thought of? and yeah not mandatory change, i’m thinking an extra option in the settings menu to toggle between 2-way and 3-way for that button

Hey there, because the Mute is enacted with double tap, we don’t expect to go in that route