A suggestion for Beat Buddy version 2,0

This is a major hardware mod, but, here it is: it would be fantastic if the next generation of the Beat Buddy had an interface for an optional external display screen, one that could be mounted to your mic stand. If you’re playing and singing it’s really not convenient to look down and make sure that you’ve triggered a transition (challenges with reliable transition triggering / transition fills, et al is a whole other issue, I’m hoping a single-tap transition trigger option is on the way :slight_smile: )
I know there are many issues with trying to have a length of ribbon cable that is flexible and resilient and with connectors that can handle the plugging and unplugging night after night. I’m guessing these would be entirely custom components, not off-the-shelf stuff.

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This is definitely worth discussing. Probably, a USB port of the BeatBuddy could be used for that. I’ll try to check whether this is possible.

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USB to an iPhone/iPad/Android AP for display. Then let the AP hold our set list and select the BB song when we pick a song in the set list.

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Bluetooth to iOS using a mini Bluetooth dongle plugged into the existing USB port.

I hate apple products, yet I approve of this suggestion! I know, pun was intended, but this would be really awesome. I don’t know, but this might work. I need to only compile the firmware… :confused:

If you go USB or MIDI to and smart device you might not need hardware revisions to BB pedal. I’m going BB thru MIDI to iPad currently, but only thing I can do is start stop.

Exactly. If popular, then android version. And tiny Bluetooth dongles are cheap and save BB from having to incorporate a Bluetooth transmitter in the BB.

That’s definitely cool. Though, one will need to find a Bluetooth driver, compile it for ARM, integrate it into the firmware, write Bluetooth communication code, and test the whole thing :slight_smile:

There could be different issues, like maximum firmware size, etc, though it will be extremely awesome if it all work!

The only thing I strongly feel missing in hardware BeatBuddy is an accumulator-like battery :confused:

Well… Applying that logic again - a BeatBuddy has a USB… Though it has only one USB, so it may be hard to plug both battery and a Bluetooth dongle :slight_smile:

OK make me buy a dongle when I already have a phone to USB cable.

Make the AP a full user interface where the need to bend over and twiddle knobs is eliminated. Like changes folders. Or search an alphabetical folder and select a requested song.

And if you do a hardware upgrade make the BB with 3 footswitches on it.

I don’t think that would be possible, however how about just another pedal connection - then you could add another double foot switch, giving you 4 switches to play with?

How about a level switch stuck on your quitar? Flip the neck up and activate a fill or transition.

BB-2 pic with 3 footswitches

I’ve been hoping for an upgrade to include an external control unit. I agree its really awkward to have to bend over when choosing songs on the fly (without a playlist that is). Blue tooth to iPad or iPhone would be a fantastic idea! Otherwise a series relay through the foot switch input might be an option (but I’m not a programmer, so I’m not sure). Might it be possible to plug the current foot switch into an external control unit and then plug the external control unit into the foot switch input on the beatbuddy? I know there would be some additional cables required, but it’s just a thought.

Yeah I guess I should have thought of that :slight_smile: If you update the BB firmware to broadcast events up the USB pipeline when in player mode, ANY device on the other end can be used as a monitor. It could even be an open-API so software developers (such as myself) could create BB display interfaces on all kinds of platforms… and then do crazy fun stuff like create plug-ins for audio-visualization packages and trigger visual transitions that match the song’s transitions (hello Pink-Floyd stage show!)

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I love the API idea, and would like to do that myself.

Really awesome suggestions guys! Love it!!!

CharlesSpencer’s idea to sent events to the USB/Bluetooth is awesome! iOS or Android apps can be created to read the events and display them in the apps. Maybe BeatBuddy version 3 can be controlled via Bluetooth on the phone apps!