A Thank You

As a Aeros owner, I often come here to see the latest discussions and progresses on the Aeros looper. I have to say that @DavidPackouz and @BrennanSingularSound are making a great job here, taking our suggestions into account (e.g. the pedal-down actions at the moment). I also admire how @BrennanSingularSound keeps calm, and always tries to be helpful with everyone. So, it was time to cheer you up, guys, and thank you for what is not just a forum, but a place where we can interact with you (at quite fast pace) and where you listen! It is not something I take as granted (from my experience with other companies forums) - and therefore I wanted to heartily thank you.


Yeah! Thanks!

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Thank you @audiosampling and everyone else for your very kind words. We don’t take you guys for granted and we want to keep you happy for the long term. We are committed to making the best possible products we can and we know we can learn the best ways to do that by listening closely. So please keep the amazing feedback and ideas coming :slight_smile:


Yeah, we’re sticking it out because it’s clear you are listening to us! I can only imagine how well these things will sell, once everything is in place. Thanks, Dave.


Made my day, thank you guys :slight_smile: it’s meaningful to me to bring purpose to this forum, so I’m glad to see it’s appreciated.

Thanks again, be well, and keep rockin’ :guitar: :notes:


Piling on the love. It’s a great collaboration.

I trust that if we go overboard, you’ll reign us in. Musicians are passionate. Throw some technology into the mix and communicate non-verbally and you have a perfect storm. :wink:


@BrennanSingularSound and @DavidPackouz
To add my 2 cents… As probably one the most annoying and time-demanding users of the past few weeks :innocent: , I want to thank you for your time, patience and reactivity.

@audiosampling Great initiative :+1:


Right!! Thanks so much guys!!! :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it! We value your feedback.

I agree . Thank You !

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:slight_smile: Appreciate it

Immediate customer attention…offering live chat over the phone for quick answers has been my experience…Thanks BB!

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