So disappointed to learn a bunch of resources have gone missing. :frowning:

I purchased 100 bucks worth of kit and song files this morning from Singular and then came back here to find a Bo Didley beat to jam on. The few that should be here don’t work. Anyone have a copy of one? Don’t need a particular song, just a decent groove. I do have a song or two (I think) so I guess I could pull one apart if necessary.

What about this:

Yep, saw that I’ll check it out, thanks.

By the way, another one I’m after is “CCR - Born on the Bayou”. I see one match there, belongs to you perhaps? (A “Phil” at least.)

But that link is dead also.

Yeah, Phil, not me, reupped all his songs as folders. I’ll get a link to the folder for you.


This is a pbf File. To get in into your BB, you go to File>Import>Folder.

That is fantastic… thank-you so much!