Ability to assign one command to footswitch for EXP

I know the EXP jack isn’t active yet - I also know someone mentioned something similar to this, last year, but I don’t know if that’s changed, since then, in terms of what you’ve done for coding. Other pedals I’ve used have a multipurpose configurable EXP jack, they can take tap tempo, midi over TRS, etc… would it be possible to have it so that if one has a footswitch hooked up to the EXP jack, they can assign a command to it? Based on the various comments in the forums, it seems a lot of us may just need that one little extra control that a fourth switch would cover. In my case, I’d configure it to either go to right to play mode when I’m in ROP (which would address that problem I’ve mentioned in the forums). It could also serve as a 1-click mute or solo, or a number of any other things that people have been requesting. It wouldn’t need 5,000 options, perhaps just a list of a few things in a menu in the settings where one could pick what they’re assigning to it, perhaps based on the ones that people keep asking about.

Would be nice. IMHO when SS says they can’t do this, they are thinking inside the box.

This is crazy enough to work: Perhaps expression control with toe down heel down is RPO and toe down is ROP @LordRadish. With feedback on the display you could select between many options. Without screen feedback, you could squeeze in a 3rd one (middle of the treadle)

Could use the expression as a gesture (up and back on the treadle could be the same as a click).

There are a lot of ways this could come in handy.

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