Ability to Pre-Set Number of Parts in 6x6 for easier recording, less tap dancing

If this doesn’t already exist, it would be wonderful if one could pre-set the number of Parts one was planning to use for a particular Song to either 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 parts. For example, let’s say you’re done overdubbing on Part 3 in a 4 Part composition (where the 4 basic Parts have already been recorded) and you want to jump to Part 1. Pressing the Next Part button, it first goes to Part 4 but then always unnecessarily jumps down to Part 5 (that you have no intention of using in this Song) before jumping back up to Part 1. This is always an extra wasted motion (& time) that could be eliminated if there was a place in the 6X6 settings to set how many Parts you wanted that Song to be beforehand. There’s enough tap-dancing going on already without having extra, unnecessary presses that I think (not being a programmer) could possibly be eliminated. If that’s now available I haven’t found it but think it would be a major improvement on functional simplicity. Thanks for considering!

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Hello, this is similar to this post., so I will close this topic.

It may be possible to set the number of parts but that is not currently a priority. We have talked about the possibility.