Ability to save song during play

It would be nice if we could save a song without the need to stop it first. Why? We are allowed now to record more then 20 mono/10 stereo minutes, but in order to do so, we first must stop the song and wait until it is saved before we start playing and recording on it again. I would like the song to keep playing in background while it is being saved to record more than 20/10 minutes of track’s time right away.

Ideas how to do it: you guys know better, I am just guessing here…

I understand there may be some restrictions on actions that can follow right after the song is saved while it is being played, but what if we were forced to pause (or even short stop, if necessary) after background song save, before recording/overdubbing again? Or song could play until the end of track where it would fix itself automatically without interruption.

It would be nice to have only one action to overcome the time limit. After reaching the time limit, It would ask us to either “keep playing”, or “save”. Saving would trigger all the necessary actions. There could be even 3 options to choose from, as we have 3 footswitches ;). F.e. “play -do not save”, “save, short pause and play)” and “save without interruption (wait for end of track to record or overdub)”. Of course, stopping the song entirely would be the fourth option.

Thank you.

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This is likely not possible, saving is a CPU intensive event and we likely will never be able to save the song without stopping.

The reason there is a limitation is explained in this video in the Dynamic Read section.

Basically, we only have so much RAM, we allow more that 10 min (20 stereo) of recording after saving by removing the saved audio from the RAM and dynamically loading it from the SD.

Tracks that were just recorded or are actually recording cannot be written directly to SD at that time, at least not yet. This would be dynamic recording and we aren’t there yet and may not be able to achieve it in the end. Stay tuned!

It is for this reason that we will mark this as #considered, but thanks for the request!


Thank you @BrennanSingularSound for the straightforward and complete response. It’s nice to be able to set expectations correctly for oneself.

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