Ability to save Songs into playlists with different tempos

Just got going on the Playlist feature of BB - Pretty cool. I noticed that the song that gets put in the playlist is just a shortcut link back to the original song, so if you copy the same song into a Playlist, you will get two songs with same name, but they are identical. Some of us use certain songs for other songs and use the same Song file but may just want to change the drumset and/or the tempo for different songs in a playlist. Would be great if there was a way to have the playlist retain the drumset and/or tempo when putting it in the playlist. May not be possible but thought I would ask anyways.

It’s totally possible, but you have to use the BBM to save the repeated song file with the different drums and tempo as its own song.

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I would say @JoeInOttawa is right, for now this is likely how we will handle playlists

Interesting request, however, we can look into it

Yeah I was thinking that is how I would do it right now as a workaround , basically create a few song templates that I can change the tempo and drumsets on.

We may look into the original request posted eventually, but it is not currently a priority.

For this reason I will tag this issue as #med-long-term

Thank you for the request and your patience!