Ability to scroll through songs after stopping a song with ext. pedal

I’ve found for a lot of stuff it’s better to stop the song dead with the right hand extension pedal button and avoid an inappropriate/messy drum fill right at the end of a song. The trouble is you then can’t scroll through your songs with the pedal; you have to restart the song with the BB pedal and re-stop it with a double push.

I never use the left hand button on the extension pedal for accents. Could we have the option to use this button to scroll through the songs?

Thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Not sure where your problem is.

  1. To stop the song without the intro, use the Pause feature. By default, this is done with the other footswitch (aside from Accent Hit one). When the song is paused, hold the main pedal to stop the song entirely without the fill.
  2. To scroll through the songs use the Next Song feature. By default, this is also done with that same other footswitch (not the Accent Hit one).

Hope this makes sense and thanks for your involvement with the BeatBuddy! :slight_smile: