Able to change a time signature?

Just purchased a BeatBuddy and noticed that all 15 songs under Rock are in 4/4 time ? I cannot get any Rock song say in a 6/8 time signature ? Thanks

You can play any of the stock songs with any of the stock kits. There should be 6/8 song in there somewhere. Maybe a blues shuffle?

The BB picks up the tempo from the midi file entered into it to create the .sng. I am quite sure there are 6/8 rock songs out there. Look in Resources.

hey, did you get it to work?

I bought my beatbuddy only just yesterday and its bugging me with the same issue; not being able to change the time signature of existing song or genre. I was very happy to have the new toy in my hand but i was disappointed at the same time.

Although i know that 6/8 are available in blues. But i like the drums, sounds and the feel from the rock genre. The boss loop station lets any existing beat change to most of the time signatures.
i use 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/8 and 6/8 mainly.

will beatbuddy ever update this feature ? @BrennanSingularSound @DavidPackouz please.
Could you please make this feature available because its a must for any music player.

Hi @Phil_Flood, if so then how would i be able have the above mentioned time signatures in rock genre beat please…

Many thanks in advance

The BB plays back midi files. That is essentially what it is, a midi file player, that accesses a selected set of samples to play back a file. So, if you already like the rock drum kit, for example, or the Bonham kit, or whatever, you could just use that kit with any 6/8 stock song that is in the BB.

Just go into BB manager, and select the rock kit for the 6/8 blues song. Instead of the Standard kit, you select the Rock kit.

So, okay, maybe that’s not your thing, you have another 6/8 beat in mind. GrooveMonkee already has some 6/8 rock beats that use the Rock kit.

Or, you could just find a midi file for a song you want in 6/8, and strip out all the non-drum parts. Then, create a new song in BB Manager, and copy and paste your midi file into Main Loop 1 of the new song.

Those would be your options and methods. Any drum kit can be selected for any song. But, if the drum kit has bass and/or other instruments and the drum part was written for a larger than normal drum kit, the song may incorrectly trigger the bass and keys. If you use kits with just drums, you would avoid that problem.


Many thanks @Phil_Flood.