Ableton/BeatBuddy Midi Maping nigthmare

As probably other users,
i try to use Ableton to design midi drum track.
I can’t manage correct midi note mapping to import my midi file designed in Ableton into BeatBuddy manager.

I have tried for Snare

  • “38”
  • “D1”
  • “38 D1 Acoustic Snare”

Nothing works, it is imported in beatbuddy as 12 - ** unsupported**

Can anybody help ?

many thanks

If I understand what you’re saying, I transpose MIDI notes from GM MIDI files for the Beat Buddy all the time with no issues. So I suspect your answer lies in Ableton.

thanks for your answer.

So you use standard midi notes B0, C,… which complies with the standard notation in your midi files. then you import it.
and it workshops fine ? Every notes is mapped to the right place ?

maybe its due to the fact that i use ableton drum rack feature.

I import the MIDI file (almost always created using standard MIDI intrument maps) into Reaper and transpose the notes that don’t match what the BB is expecting (most often it’s toms and occasionally the snare). I save the resulting file as a new MIDI and import it as a song part into the Beat Buddy.

Works fine for me.

I’m not familiar with Ableton or the drum rack feature. Are you exporting a MIDI file from Ableton?

Al here… also in Ottawa. I’m trying to control start/stop transport in Logic Pro X. Any chance you’ve had experience with this?


I haven’t, but if you are connected to the BB with MIDI, the MIDI manuals talk about the CCs used to start, stop, and pause the BB. I would think you could control it that way.

Now, there are some caveats – what a pause really means, that sort of thing.

Now, if you’re trying to control Logic from the BB, again, MIDI connection, and the BB WILL send MIDI STARTs/STOPs and so on if yo set it to do so, so I would think that would give you SOME control.

Am I missing something? Let me know, I’ll try to refocus.

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