About BeatBuddy MIDI messages and transitions

Hi everyone,
I just bought an Ampero Control by Hotone to extend the available buttons for interacting with the Beatbuddy and it works like a charm.
I am referring to this document: Singular Sound MIDI Commands - Google Sheets that someone from Singularsound kindly created, to figure out how to send MIDI messages correctly.
They all pretty much work, I’m happy with that.

I’m wondering: is it possible to make an immediate transition between parts, without having to wait for the current part to finish?

There are some occasions where with my band we don’t fully respect the grid, we make parts shorter or longer, and i can’t be locked to the measures.

Having the possibility to immediately switch to another part would be awesome.

Any idea out there?


No the transition is always effected at the next measure after the transition complete command is received.
Pausing the BeatBuddy breaks from the grid. I don’t know if it’s feasible for you situation but you might try playing with pause and start again to achieve what you need.
The other thing you could try is change the tracks to 1/y rather than x/y, that way your transition can be per beat (and then use CC 122 instead of CC 113)

hey Andrew,
So for now i will try this solution: i have set one button to work in push & release:

push: pause
release: unpause

this way i can rely on the trick you was mentioning of using pause to break the grid. i only have to push the button to start the transition and then push & release the custom button and voila. It’s still not ideal but better than nothing.

I also like your solution of setting the measure to 1/x, i’ll definitely try that! in any case i’m always using CC 122 as you suggest, since i’m working with custom loop and custom drumset and i don’t need playing the transition at all.

Thanks bud!

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