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allow tempo change say 90 to 120 for 2nd part of song???

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Hey Guys

Few things:

  1. Please allow us to copy and past multiple midi notes and complete Bars. With this, also allow us to remove first bar or last bar etc, not only a complete row of the same midi note.
  2. Please allow us to listen from a chosen bar, not from bar number 1 all the time…it gets really time consuming if i have to listen to 31 bars ive already edited trying to figure out shot in the 32nd bar.
  3. can we have volume section for a whole row of midi instrument? like dragging all the snare shot a little lower or kick a little higher?

These will be great!

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I just recently purchased this little gem only to find that it does have a couple bugs that kidda don’t seem right.

When searching for a drum pattern for any particular song and you already know the BPM’s yet when you switch from genre to genre or from song to song the BPM’s that you’ve inputted is lost and it needs to be re entered again for the next song when you are trying to find the proper beat.
I think that in having to re enter the BPM"s every time you change the genre or song is taking an
unnecessary toll on the dial button. I’m sure this can be changed if the engineers wanted to do that. I find it time consuming enough to find the correct beat let alone to have to re enter the BPM’s for every one you try. Come on guys i’m sure you can fix this bug.

Thanks for listening.

Visual of Part Progress

I would find it helpful if the BB could somehow provide a visual of the progress of the current part.

I’m thinking along the lines of a progress bar from left to right that is a visible number of pixels in height and that is automatically scaled to the full length of the currently playing part.

Options for this might include color, size, and on/off.

Another possibility would be a numerical display, such as X/Y where X is the current beat (constantly updated) and Y is the number of beats in the part.

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Please update the BeatBuddy manager.
It’s so unintuitive and old hat.
Like, import and export should be reserved for specific external operations.
Use ‘Save as’ and ‘Open’ for songs.
Editing shouldn’t overwrite a song part because you lose the original. Make it save a new one…
Editing a song part is such a pain.
It should be just like a spreadsheet. When you click in a cell just type a number. That little pop-up and hold mouse down is a awful way of editing. Let us swipe a range and copy and paste it… Even just copy and paste ‘bars’ would be helpful. Delete a bar, add a bar and duplicate a bar would also… Use the arrow keys to navigate too… Use the ‘delete’ key (why would you ever want to enter a zero?). Indicate which bar you’re in when you’re in the middle of a load of bars.
Drag and drop loops and fills (with ‘ctrl’ key) as well as copy and paste. How about a side pane that shows a categorised library of all the loops and fills so you can double click to listen then drag and drop it if you like it.
I feel these would be great improvements to a brilliant device. Thanks.

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The editor could be amazing if some effort was put into it. Singular Sound say just use a MIDI editor but why not have an editor that is dedicated and made for the BB. They have the basics of it there. It’s way overdue for an upgrade but I don’t think they plan to do it. It’s a real shame and a missed opportunity and probably a little unprofessional on their behalf. They created a fantastic pedal, make it easier to program.

Yeah. I’ve been using it some more and the BeatBuddy is a computer which is all about software so I can’t believe that it has terrible 1970’s style software with a very poor user interface and no configuration.
It’s all about songs right?
So why can’t we configure the pedal for each song?
For example, if I want to have 1 tap start/intro, 1 tap transition and 1 tap outro/stop for a particular song, why can’t I have it?
I might also want 4 tap start/intro, 1 tap transition 1, 1 tap transition 2, left footwitch, back to transition 1 and 1 tap stop.
C’mon guys, it’s a great product but it could be a brilliant product… Listen to us users… It’s easy!!!

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i agree with your comments. I haven’t seen anything new done by Singular for their beat buddy since they built it. I purchased the original Beat Buddy and i downloaded the manager and that’s where my nightmare started. I spent literally hours trying to figure that thing out and put in a beat or remove a instrument and it all turned out crappy, so i quickly lost my interest and i sold the damn thing. gone back to the alesis SR16 again. Love that drummer not for the sound but for the simplicity of it.

In addition to my reply i’d like to add that the SR16 doesn’t have the sound that beat buddy does but it’s so simple to use. I’d also would like to bet that there are no really professionals purchasing this beatbuddy for their drum source so that leaves us tinkerers that like to tinker with drum sounds and play at ordinary venues left with these drummers. So why not make it simple to use and i’m sure with technology today it can be easily done. Come on Beat Buddy get your act together and stay on the top shelf where i know you can be.

Such a shame that those guys don’t realise the full potential of that pedal… In fact customers speak with their money and won’t buy such a poorly supported pedal. If it was properly developed, SS wouldn’t be able to make enough of them. Their customer support replies with meaningless words and no actions. I’m convinced it’s because they want you to buy their overpriced libraries. They deserve all they get with that kind of attitude to customers…

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I just thought I’d give my opinion on a bit of fine tuning they should put in the mini2 buddy. His reply was "thank you for your opinion ". What a waste they have for support.

How about removing the global feature of the intro so that each individual song can be set as either:
(1) No intro
(2) Count in
(3) Use an appropriate intro fill.
Not all songs start the same way - obviously.
Does anyone have a link to a file that could be used as a count in intro fill as the one in BB is built in and is not accessible in BBM.

How does one identify which version of the Default Content is currently on your SD Card?
The settings section only seems to identify the Firmware version but not the Default Content.

I have asked before but haven’t seen any response yet. So just a reminder of a feature request. It would be great to have program and control change messages retained in the song file sent to the BB for outputting to external devices via the MIDI connector on the BB. Cheers.

Newer Beatbuddy customer use case suggestion - regarding master alphabetical song catalog and copy songs into set lists

My duo bandmate and I use iPads and Android apps for our setlists, lyrics and chords. Both apps we use have the ability to have setlist views and alphabetical ordered song listings. scrolling to A, or B, or C and seeing the alphabetical stored songs quickly from the parent. This latter full catalog comes in very handy when we get a request to play something not in our pre planned set order.

I’ve tried to structure the beatbuddy in the same way. I have songs in setlist folders and I have all songs duplicated in multiple folders I currently named “#TitleSongs”, “ABCDE”, “FGHIJ”, “KLMNO”, “PQRS”, “TUVWXYZ”. I was forced to make multiple folders as I recall there is a limitation of the number of songs permitted per folder. This method actually makes it easier for me to quickly search too. So I stumbled on something that works for me.

Can you consider a master alphabetical catalog of all songs for searching a song during a live setting? Maybe considering some type of similar indexing so you’re not scrolling thru hundreds of songs during gigs and audience requests?

Until then, I’m using my multiple alphabetical folders strategy and duplicating songs into set list folders (Set1, Set2, Set 3) How is the easiest way to copy a song from my Alphabetical folders into the Set folders? Copy and Paste or Shift/Control drag does not seem to be an option. It may be welcomed by others. Must I export each and every song or alphabetical folders and import them. I guess I can export an entire alphabetical folder one at a time, but it seems like copy and paste, or control/shift drag might be a welcomed option.

Does this master alphabetical catalog and easier duplicate/copy songs into setlists request resonate with others? Thanks

I’m newer to beatbuddy so excuse me if I got this reply wrong. For me the intros are usually not optimal for me. I’ve setup the beatbuddy to start on main pedal release so I can pause the song on the secondary attached pedal and end songs quietly instead of an outtro or tapping multiple times and messaging that up frequently. I’ve been going into the songs in beatbuddy manager and removing the intro by clicking on the “x”. The the beats start immediately without an intro that’s not usually a fit. and I sometime use the non intro beat as my count in. Again I’m a new user and have not used it live yet. I’m planning to do so.

I should probably search for this elsewhere, but with firmware modifications is the BB actually capable of slowing down (ritard) if programmed to? Say for instance at the end of a song and you want to slow the last bar or two.

If this is possible could it be included into the new Manager software currently being worked on, and could the ritard work when MIDI synced to the Aeros so they both slow at the same time?

Feature Request: A measure counter option to count measures since last part transition and/or full use.

Feature Request: for BeatBuddy the ability to set the number of count in measures with option to have intro fill after count in AND have Areos begin recording after fill.