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A quick question asked months a go and wondering if it will be implemented in the future. When saving a song on Aeros will the Beatbuddy information ie song used and tempo value be saved along with the song.
I ask because I have created 60 songs now and it’s time wasting scrolling through the BB to find the song used aspeshily if you have the full library of rythems released so far.
Another question is if you have a large number of songs saved it would be nice if the song list stayed at the last song you chose instead of going back to the first in the list all the time. Resolveing both these issues and could save a lot of time wasted between songs if gigging.

Not used to user forums. Is there help navigating the forum? Maybe an intro tutorial? How do I start a new thread? I can’t find all the “hundreds of songs” people refer to. I love the Beat Buddy, but I’m mostly lost on the forum. Help?