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Joined this forum because my BB never worked. Bought it from Sam Ash. I had to travel OCONUS a lot recently to the backwards lands of S. Asia. Place is a dirt pit. When I come back I like to ride or play my gee-tar. When I stumbled on this Beat Buddy I guess I got myself too excited and should have realized it was well junk! So here I am looking for backing tracks on Google. Beat Buddy in a box with its foot switch (that’s never worked either BTW). I know my way around pedals, been using them since, shoot I’m not saying! Too long.
Set up is 62 Fender Strat, Goodsell Octibox amp, Fulltone Clyde D, Pettyjohn Studio Pre, Origin Effects Ghosting Overdrive custom, Echosex delay, *BB would have went here maybe never got the chance. All this good gear and I still sound like two hippos stuck together in the Savannah at 3 am on a Saturday night.