Accent hit from a stopped state dont follow the parts

I would like to be able to choose which accent hit to play from a stopped state.
So I created a song with different accent hits on the different parts (part 1 : hithat, part 2 : ride, part 3 : kick…) and I assigned the second footswitch to navigate between parts from a stopped state (“next part”), but it doesn’t work ! Even if I selected the part 3 from a stopped state, the accent hit that is played is the one corresponding to the part 1 !

When the song is playing, I can play the corresponding accent hit on each part : no problem.
But from a stopped state, only the accent hit corresponding to the part 1 can be played even if an other part is selected…

Is it a bug ? Or a limitation of the BeatBuddy ?


We’ll look into this, but just FYI using a MIDI controller like the MIDI Maestro you can play any sound (accent hit) at any time by using MIDI note commands!

Thanks for reporting

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Yep! That’s one of the reasons why I purchased the MIDI Maestro! I use the accent hits on there a lot!

Yep, shure!
But it needs extra space and my pedalboard is full…