Accent Hits - Cut Off

Hey everyone, I’ve got a question for anyone who might have used extended length .wav samples for the accent hits. I’ve created two other songs with whistling parts placed in the Accent Hit and didn’t seem to have a problem getting them to play fully. However, I’m now trying to do a third one and for some reason the accent keeps getting cut off. I thought at first it might have been due to the length of the midi loop or fill that it was being played in was possibly too short… but I extended it and it still gets cut off. Same goes if I press the accent during the intro or the outro even though both are longer than the accent itself. I also thought maybe there was a limit to only 3 bars for an accent hit… but in one of my other songs, I have an 8 bar accent during a Fill.
Any ideas here? Any reason why accents would get cut off?

Hi Shawno. I found a similar issue when trying to use wav samples in the midi as part of a song. This post explains what I found with regard to samples cutting out at different times.

Okay, so after reading that thread… it’s possible that the .wav samples are tied to the number of midi notes that have been played. Actually, that would make some sense since the song that I had a successful 8 bar .wav play was during a very sparse drum fill. Does anyone know of any ideas on how this might be adjusted or fixed? According to that other thread… there is a 32 channel mixer that plays the midi notes and wav files. Anyone know if this can be increased or not? … I don’t know how the back end stuff works… it’s out of my knowledge base.

So just in case anyone else is following this thread… what I ended up doing was breaking my .wav file up into 4 parts and adding them into a copy of the Standard Drum Kit as another instrument. Each .wav part is set at a different velocity and I just triggered each one at the appropriate times in the beats. Works perfectly… not quite the way I had expected, but this actually works just as well if not better.

@shawno814 What program are you using to edit/work on your WAV files?

I use Adobe Audition 3.0