Accent Hits / Make them Groove

The Accent hits are a cool feature but they would be much more useful if they could groove. Pardon me if I am simply unaware, but it seems the only way to use accent hits is to step on the accent button. It would be a great improvement to have the accent sync via midi to the tempo of the song in either 1/4 or 1/8 notes.

For example, If you’ve got a double chorus…1st time through is as-is but the 2nd time through it would be great to maybe “hold the tambourine” button down which would activate an 1/4 or 1/8 notes pulse. Maybe the user picks the pulse ahead of time or you guys could come up with some other creative way to allow the user to choose on the fly.

I’d love to see this improvement. it’s just unrealistic to try to tap 8th notes on the tambourine…so, that particular accent choice is basically useless.

Again, I am a new user so please forgive me if there is already a way to do this.

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It would also be nice if the relative timing of various hits could be easily altered. For example, when a track of share hits is about 1/32 early, it gives a push that can add a lot of life. When everything i precisely on the beat it can sometimes be somewhat boring.