Accent on Pause

Sorry of this has been asked before or if it is obvious. Is there a way to trigger and accent hit on pause. I would rather not have to hit both buttons on the pedal at teh same time.

I think to remember with the Trio FS 3X (it has 3 switches) you can hit pause and accent alone, as well as both together (with the third switch…).
Or you need a Midi switch that can send both commands simultaneously…
But in both cases you`ll need additional gear, so it may not be what you´ve asked for…

Thanks I happened to have a Trio FS 3X and the 3rd button worked perfectly to trigger pause and accent. It also kept all my same settings on my other 2 buttons.

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By stepping on both of my BOSS FS-6 pedals simultaneously will get the kick/pause-break to trigger along with the cymbol crash .

It’s not hard to get this with the two switch Singular Sound Switch or the Boss FS-6 with one foot .

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