It seems to me after the update that the volume for the cymbal crash is very low. Can this be adjusted in the settings. If not has anyone created a new accent crash that is louder they can post. Sorry if this has been asked/addressed somewhere else on the site.

Is this happening with all the accent hits or just some? This is the first I have heard of this happening…

While we figure out whether or not this is related to the firmware update, to answer your other question - you could adjust the accent hit’s WAV file externally in a different program and reimport it (i.e. increase the gain, etc).

Got my new Beatbuddy Today and have been testing it hoping to get it Gig-Ready. Some of the HIT Accents are very strange. They sound like a cross between a frog, a duck and a fart. IE: DRUM&BASS 3; Tap the accent and it sounds like I stepped on a fat frog (Groiiibit)
A bunch of other kits sound the same way. Instead of a logical accent, I’m hearing frog and low “Argh” sounds.
Anyone else? Is this normal?
Should I reformat the card and install Beatbuddy from the web site??

@John M This is normal, different drum kits have different accent hits most of the stock songs have a different accent hit per song part. E.g techno has a hand clap, acoustic drums have two different cymbal crashes etc…

Those sounds are actually some of the default accent hits in certain songs in the Drum & Bass genre. If my memory serves me right, it’s the only genre with these accent hits. You can replace them by left clicking on the accent hit track on the song that has it (it is all the way to right of each section, see below) and selecting a different accent hit to replace it.