accents have stopped working and beat manager wont load SNG files with accents

Hi guys in the last week my external footswitch stopped playing accents (crashes etc) it still paused but no accents. It then started playing them intermitently n even randomly i e 5 seconds after i had pressed them at a gig, I have just tried uploading a few new drum beats i downloaded from the Forum, everytime i try to upload ones that have accents in the file, an error is coming up saying unble to extract Accent Hit Effects of Portable song…skipping file. Files with no accents in are uploading no problem, initially i thought my foot switch was the problem , but this is now pointing to a fault in the pedal ?

There is a bug in the software that when sycronising to the pedal a pop up comes up saying accents cant be found. It shouldn’t cause any problems though.

I had similar problems with accents playing randomly or when I touched the main pedal. It was the patch lead or the sockets between the main pedal and the extra pedal playing up. If I touched that lead or moved it a bit it would trigger an accent.

Thanks for replying Stu n thanks for your superb files i play professionally and theyre all loaded and played every week , The problem it is causing is the SNG files won’t load onto my pedal, it says it cant “extract” the wave file (accentFX) as I say, ive had no problems til this week I reassigned the footswitch and it does seem one of the the footswitch pots has gone as it gets heavy use with cymbol flourishes to end songs. Any ideas on how to get the wave files extracting again . I don’t need zip software for that do I ? Just wondered as mine has run out , clutching at straws at the moment tbh.

Hi Stu , I had to upload to the latest manager software that seems to have done the trick with the uploading of SNG’s, Can you give me a link to your latest set of tunes please ?

All my songs here. Latest down the bottom.