Accessibility lost in BBM 1.64

Good afternoon. I am a blind Beat Buddy user.
Versions 1.5 and below of BBM worked reasonably well with screen reading technology like NVDA and Narrator.
However, with the release of 1.64 last July, all accessibility was broken. None of the contents of the windows or menu bar is visible to any screen reading technology.
I’m not a developer, so I have no info to offer you on how to pinpoint this issue, but I do know that QT offers native accessibility in it’s libraries.
Was something changed in the way the qt libraries were used in the previous versions of BBM?
If possible, could the accessibility hooks be enabled in the newest release?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am being forced to use the latest firmware and BBM versions to take advantage of the new premium content.
But unfortunately, I am unable to use the latest version.

Thanks so much, and I absolutely love the Beat Buddy.

I just sent a query to the developers.

Developers have added this requirement to their roadmap and backlog.