Accessing the song (.sng) files of downloaded content


I wonder whether I am doing something wrong here. If so please point out my error!

I have purchased, downloaded and installed several song folders (I.e. Most Popular Cover Songs Volumes 1,2,3,etc.). I have no problems playing the songs with BB Manager but for some reason I cannot find any of the .sng files. I can only see the .pbf song folder (which presumably contains all the songs?)

I can also not find any of the drum set files that are supplied with the BB pedal. I am only able to find any drum set files that I have purchased and extracted after download, and any that I have edited and saved in the appropriate (user_lib) folder. This is of concern to me because I am trying to keep the Drum Sets within B Manager tidy, and I am finding that duplicates sometimes appear of the default drum sets, and I don’t understand why that happens, how to avoid it, and how to tidy it up.

Thanks for any pointers!

I can help with some of your questions but it always helps to first start by reading the BBM user manual.

  • the pbf file is a folder formatted as a BBM file (pbf) and it contains the individual songs
  • the folder is provided this way as a convenient way for Singular Sound to import or export a batch of individual songs, say an album, etc
  • those songs (.sng) are part of the folder that you import into the BBM; Groove Monkee, I think, makes the songs available in both a folder and a song format
  • for the drum sets, go to the BBM Drum Sets tab to manage which drum sets are used by the BBM; this is where you click or unclick the drum set so that the BBM sees and plays the kits you want
  • you can hi-lite a drum set in that tab and delete it if you’re doing some housekeeping
  • if you have not updated your drum sets to 1.1, you can do so by downloading and installing the updated kits either individually or as a package from