accidently deleted Pop songs


In the process of trying to learn and understand how to making a set list and set up specific songs, I somehow created some folders connected to the POP series of songs. When I tried to get rid of them the only option I could see was delete so I tried that. The POP section is now gone from the list in the BB manager but is still on the SD card. Is there a way to undo that or will I have to redownload the BB manager? I have watched the tutorial video about making set lists, arranging songs the way you want them, etc, several times. Still has not sunk in though. I thought because it is still on the SD card maybe it could be exported from the SD card back into the BB Manager on my PC. Love your product and have done 3 shows with it. Trying to get to the next level. Thanks


Don’t panic! I’ve got your problem.

As long as you don’t have any valuable changes that you may have done to other songs, you can simply reload the project from the pedal via Import-Export > Import Project from Pedal. Your accidentally deleted songs should be there again.