ACDC - Highway to Hell with Bass 2018.03.09 - ACDC - Highway to Hell with Bass

ACDC - Highway to Hell with Bass

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is there any problem with bass? are ther multiples notes on the same time, very weird

There shouldn’t be any problem as long as you play the song with the drum set that Guitar Stu created it with. Some of the older songs on the forum were created with older versions of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and those versions did not handle note on/note off for the bass guitar and that’s why you hear the multiple/ringing/stuck notes. If you tried to edit or quantize the song or any of its parts, that could have also caused the odd sounding bass.

I’m working on an AC/DC “top 10” list which includes H2H so if you can wait, I’ll post that soon.


Thanks man, I ll wait of course