Activate new account?

Just got an email saying singular Sound migrated to a new backend and the email contained an “activate new account” button/link.

Just want to confirm with SS/others that this is an official message. Not too keen on clicking unsolicited links in my email these days…

Seemed legit. All links could be retyped and takes you to singular sound.
I filled it out.
I also use a different PWD for every web account, so if they want to hack my SS account, there ain’t much they can do.

Just for your information, I did not receive any mail from Singular Sound.

No email here either. If you place your mouse pointer over the link (not click) does the address of the link show somewhere. Image below is a screenshot of an email with the pointer on a link image and the link shown in Firefox below. It may be different for you if it does this. You might also be able to right click an link image and get the address to confirm if it’s actually from Singular.

Well, I double checked and activated that new account. No idea, what the advantage of that will be.

But… (and there’s always a “but”) all my order history is empty now. I don’t know whether this is a bad thing, but it definitely did not transfer the order history.

This is legit!

We have migrated to Shopify for better performance capacity.

We are having some transitional bugs, but we are working on it.

Please, if you are having any issue, forward them to


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Thanks everyone, and Brennan for responding. Glad to get that sorted.

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Order history missing on my too

Please write to for help with this!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: