Actual current draw


I know the adapter is 500ma, which is a lot for a pedalboard. But can you give us a safe spec for powering this thing?
As it is now, I have to use a current doubler, which takes up two ports. My ports are rated at 250ma (hence the doubling)

I’ve found that a number of digital multi effects pedals are rated at 500ma as that’s what the adapters are, but their actual draw is around 200ma. Of course this doesn’t mean much for this particular case.


I wish I knew this myself.

Such an important info should go to the manual. Probably it simply got lost somehow.

I read somewhere it was actually 350mA - although I haven’t tested it yet … I was happy to hear this as my CiOKS has a 400mA dedicated outlet … :slight_smile:



Oh great! Thanks

Link? … 1-14.pdf#5

Check page 5: "The power supply must have a minimum of 300mA (0.3 Amps) for the BeatBuddy to turn on. "



Yes that’s it. Thanks again!

So it’s 300MA (still need a current doubler, but this is certainly better than 500ma) :slight_smile:

If it’s for a ‘home’ setup rather than a ‘live’ setup, I’d try it with a single 250mA supply; it may work (and the worst that will happen is the pedal won’t turn on!), and go for the current doubler if it doesn’t.



Actual current draw is between 270mA and 300mA, depending on what the BeatBuddy is doing. So we say 300mA to be safe – you won’t want your BeatBuddy to suddenly turn off because it doesn’t have enough power!

I am seeing around 300-340 ma while running the drum beats and obviously much less when idle, and it also depends on if a guitar is plugged in as well for the cut through Circuit. I use 8 AA batteries to power mine sometimes, like for a quick hook up for a 20 minute open mic session, and the included 9 V DC power adapter for 2-3 hour gigs. A good set of rechargeable AA batteries last just over an hour, which to me means the draw is more than 300 ma.