Adapter in Peru

Recently i have bought my beatbuddy. I live in Peru. Can i use the power adapter that the beatbuddy include in its box ?, In Peru the electric current is 220 volts, sorry for muy english

I noticed that the BeatBuddy store sells adaptors for different countries.

So unless you bought it with a non-US power adapter, Iā€™m guessing the answer is no.

The BeatBuddy adapter I have shows a voltage range of 100 to 240 vac @ 50 or 60 hz printed on it. If your power adapter is marked the same as what I have shown, then the power adapter will be OK to use for 220 volts. You might need a physical adapter to enable plugging it into your wall outlet.


thank you for the answer, yes my BeatBuddy adapter shows a voltage range of 100 to 240, then i could use it here in Peru wthout an extra electricity transformer

That is correct, no extra transformer. Have fun!!!