Add BBMO keyboard shortcuts for functions specific to the BBMO

  1. I noticed that some BBMO keyboard shortcuts already exist such as
  • cmd-z undo
  • cmd-shift-z redo
  • cmd-s save (conflicts in Arc with Show Sidebar but it does seem to save the project)

Although these are macOS computer operating system keyboard k/b shortcuts, it indicates that it is possible to add k/b shortcuts.

  1. Would like to suggest k/b shortcuts for importing and exporting songs, beats, folders and drum sets; another one for Sync to SD card.

While we’re at it, add a tool tip that displays not only the name of the function but the respective keyboard shortcut.

Please note that para. 2 is the feature request.

Tested on a Mac Mini M2 using Sonoma 14.6.2b. Symptoms can be replicated n both Arc (1.49.0) and Google Chrome (125.0.6422.113).

Also tested on a Mac Mini (intel) using Catalina 10.15. Symptoms can be replicated in Google Chrome.

Prefer that all of a computer operating system’s keyboard shortcuts work (copy, paste, cut, move, delete, etc), A feature request has been submitted.

Option-drag a song moves a song instead of the correct macOS behavior which is to copy the song.

Please add computer operating keyboard shortcuts for the BBMO. This was a long-standing feature request for any BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) replacement. Make them apply for songs and folders and any other functions that would leverage computer OS capabilities.

Examples for the macOS might include:

  • cmd-c copy
  • cmd-v paste
  • cmd-x cut
  • cmd-drag move
  • option-drag copy
  • function-arrow move cursor to top or bottom of songs in a folder (probably more important now than before since a folder can hold up to 128 songs)

and whatever they might be for Windows using the control and alt + key combinations

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Hi persist! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve passed it on to the development team!

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Hey there!

They exist but are not stipulated clearly, we’ll adjust the manual soon, the forum post has it

Are there any changes to the existing ones you’d want to see?

List of Hotkeys/Shortcuts

Category Mac Command PC Command Action
Undo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z Undo
Cmd + Shift + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
MIDI Editor Space Space Play track (from track position)
Shift + Space Shift + Space Play track from beginning
Delete Backspace Delete selected note(s)
Cmd + A Ctrl + A Select all notes
Cmd + C Ctrl + C Copy selected notes
Cmd + V Ctrl + V Paste copied notes
Cmd + X Ctrl + X Cut selected notes
ArrowUp ArrowUp Move selected notes up
Opt + ArrowUp Alt + ArrowUp Move selected notes up (an octave)
ArrowDown ArrowDown Move selected notes down
Opt + ArrowDown Alt + ArrowDown Move selected notes down (an octave)
ArrowLeft ArrowLeft Move notes left a division (eg. 16th note)
ArrowRight ArrowRight Move notes right a division (eg. 16th note)
Virtual Pedal Cmd + Space Ctrl + Space Press pedal
Opt + Space Alt + Space Press pedal (because sometimes Cmd+Space is mapped to Spotlight on a Mac etc)
F F Trigger a fill
T T Trigger a transition
1 1 Transition to part 1
2 2 Transition to part 2
9 9 Transition to part 9
O O Trigger outro
S S Trigger stop (no outro)
A A Trigger left foot switch (accent)
L L Trigger left foot switch (accent)
P P Trigger right foot switch (pause)
R R Trigger right foot switch (pause)
Drum Set Editor ArrowDown ArrowDown Select next instrument
Shift + ArrowDown Shift + ArrowDown Select next instrument (grow/shrink selection)
ArrowUp ArrowUp Select previous instrument
Shift + ArrowUp Shift + ArrowUp Select previous instrument (grow/shrink selection)
Delete/Backspace Delete/Backspace Delete selected instrument(s)
Escape Escape Clear instrument selection
Editable Fields Return Enter Save
Escape Escape Cancel

Let us know thanks!

This is a super set of shortcuts—thanks for posting.

What I’m suggesting is hopefully a little more modest and applies mainly to what’s under the Songs tab Folders and Songs

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.10.40 AM

For the Song functions:
Move to… add CMD-Drag
Add to… sdd OPT-Drag or CMD-C
Duplicate add CMD-D
Export add CMD-E
Delete add use of Delete key or CMD-X

Add use of Up and Down arrow keys to move among songs within a folder

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 7.10.21 AM

And for the table in post 5, since many of the hotkeys and k/b shortcuts could be applicable to more than just the BBMO’s MIDI editing, would it be helpful to add separate columns for Songs and Folders to show where those hotkeys and k/b shortcuts are also applicable?

Additional suggestions:

  • CMD-S could also be documented somewhere for Save Project (seems to work in Arc);
  • maybe add a CMD-OPT-S for Sync to SD Card;
  • CMD-I for Import Song and
  • CMD-OPT-I for Import Drumset?