add drum sets from ez drummer...

I understand that.
My apologies. I didn’t state that correctly in my email. I know that the instruments that are present in an official BB kit are Matched to GM but there are instruments I “wish” were there, as included in a full GM kit.
I should have said the BB are “partial general midi GM kits.”
The standard BB kits are “missing” some instruments that are key to many of the MIdI grooves (created using GM kits).
I actually created a GM kit (as described above in my previous email) by “filling in the blanks.” It stays under the 100mB mark and works perfectly in BB when porting over the grooves created using GM kits in other beat programs. (See the image I had attached. The yellow represents the missing instruments that I added while keeping it under the mark.)
I’m currently doing the same with a brush kit.
Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I’m simply wishing.
The fact that you have this software that is open to customization is fantastic.
Tweaking, for gear-addict users like myself, is just part of the fun.
So, keep up the great work!

Thanks, @John M . No problem.
Here is the debate I have: create a kit with minimal percussion utilizing general midi mapping for percussion (which would not make it compatible with beats created for Latin set) or create a kit with minimal percussion utilizing mapping for percussion as found in the Latin set?

It seems that the limitations in acceptable file size is standing in the way.
Maybe creating a kit where you don’t have several layers of a certain instrument’s samples (i.e. shakers or Tamborine) weighing down the kit would work. Maybe make one kit heavier on the velocity samples for Latin and another kit heavier for pop style instruments without removiing the ither instrument slots entirely. (This is what I did with the kit I created. It has all of the GM instruments and stays under the weight limit.)
Then a User who is importing a GM based groove can toggle between the two to see which sounds more natural.
(And, cheers to you for even putting the conversation out there for users to discuss. Nice!)

We can get most instruments within the file limit by using less sample. For some percussion instruments that is not a problem and they are quite small anyway. The issue is that general midi has very limited types of strokes for a specific drum. For example, in general midi there may only be 2-3 sounds for a conga (open, muffled), while omitting other types of strokes like palm, fingers, rumba slap, open slap, bass… Lets not forget that we have quinto, conga and tumba, which collectively are considered congas. General midi only has 2.
The Latin kit for BB has all types strokes for all percussion instruments, so nothing was left out. For any BeatBuddy song that required some percussion, it was done using the Latin kit mapping as that is the only one that has those instruments. A new kit utilizing general midi mapping would not be able to play those beats properly.
I’ll have to do some thinking and find the best compromise. I am planning on producing a new general kit very soon, as I mentioned, so I will try to address those general midi percussion needs the best I can.

Cheers, @John M !

Making kits with BB specific instruments is great. Those shouldn’t have to be rigid GM midi.
My wish list is just to have a choice of a GM kit for those times when I want to import a groove created or ported from my daw. When using a BB created groove, using a BB kit is a no brainer. Why use anything else?
The GM kits I created for BB have the “GM” in the kit name so I know why it’s there. When a BB kit is not firing all of the instruments in a groove, I pull in the GM kit and I can hear what was missing.

Hey @John M ,
here is the brand new kit with most GM mapping in place!

It was a heck of a lot of work :slight_smile:

Toms are still mapped as on the other BB kits, while I duplicated the kick drum to midi note 35 to make it compatible with some of those non-bb loops.
Hope you like it.

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I can’t wait to give it a try.
Cool beans!
Love my Beat Buddy!

Thanks Goran and John for this discussion. You dealt with many questions I’ve come up against (thinking of using EZD2 to refine BB parts for instance). I’m getting (reluctantly) dragged into learning more about MIDI precisely because Beat Buddy has become so indispensable to my gigs but ultimately I think and hear like a musician so I’m always wondering how can I get more musicality into the mix.

How do I get this Kit? Mark

You can purchase it at the Premium Library. Here:

I just would like to use wav files of ezdrummer on my BB kits. it is possible?

I’m only a newbie, but I’d say: Technically, you need a wav of 44.1 kHz and 16 or 24 bit, then you can use them within a custom made drum set or as an accent sound. Legally, you’d have to look if you are allowed to use those samples in the way you want it.
There may be more info already on the forum: Ezdrumers sounds on bb - #2 by persist

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Read Phil_Flood’s comment here Why EZ Drummer files are never going to port directly to BB

The answer to most of your questions can usually be found with a little bit of searching on the forum.

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Give this a try if you have not done so already: New Drumset EZDrummer 2 -Modern drumkit

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