New Drumset EZDrummer 2 -Modern drumkit

I made a new Drumset from the EZDrummer2 Modern drumkit with the basic sound settings. Here a link for the download.


Forgot to mention it is mapped to GM.

Hi Bgt. Nice job making this drum set. If this doesn’t violate any EZD2 copyrights, please consider moving this to the Resources section. If you need help moving it over, let me know.

Thank you. Don*t think it violates EZD copyrights. I do not use the orginal Toontrack WAV files. I recorded every drumsound sample in different velocities and did small sound tweeking. I will check the resources section and will let you know if I need your help.

Thank you very much!!!

tried to open drumset after download, but it downloaded as a txt file? how to you transfer to beat buddy manager?

Just remove the .txt extension and you should be able to import EZD2-Modern.DRM to your BeatBuddy

Im not a computer expert, just wondering, How you remove the txt extension on a Mac? Thanks

  • Click anywhere in the name below the icon, the entire subject name should turn blue.
  • Click it again and the “EZD2-Modern.DRM” turns blue
  • Place your cursor to the end of the subject name (should be to the right of .txt; hit delete key 4 times and then click anywhere outside of the subject name; if you make a mistake, you can press the esc key and it should restore the original name
  • Your file should be renamed to EZD2-Modern.DRM and the icon will change to the BeatBuddy icon

If this doesn’t work, you can click-hold the file to bring up a contextual menu

  • Select Get info
  • Click in the Name & Extension: field
  • Place your cursor at the end of the name and press delete 4 times; press return
  • Close the Get Info box

Hello. If I export a midi file from EZdrummer2, will this drum map it correctly?

Based on what the OP mentioned, your export to MIDI from EZd2 will probably have to be mapped to general MIDI (GM).