add new songs

i would like to add to the pedal a song that i downloaded from the forum but i can’t. it’s a sng file. how to do that?
should i create a folder in the sd card?
also could i add mp3 top the buddy?
i’ve eexported a projetc with the song to pedal but i can’t see this folder on the pedal.

You need to use the manager software, import the song into it and export the project to the SD card or Beatbuddy.
The Project in the software has the same structure as on the Beatbuddy. Where did you import the song to? Did you create another folder? Can you play the song through the software?

But if i open manager i can’t see any song or Drumset. It is empty even if pedal works fine if i use it. The pedal is well connected to pc i can see sd card but if i open manager i can’t see anything.

You need to populate it with data which is on the SD card by “IMPORTING PROJECT FROM PEDAL” then you can make your changes and sync it back to the pedal.

I can’t seem to tranfer from pedal, it opens pedal folders but there isn’t any projetc in each of them

Correct, there is no project. Use Import-Export > Import Project from Pedal.

i use import from pedal, it opens empty folders of sd card. i don’t know what to do, too difficult this stuff for me poor newbie:-)

You need to point to the root directory - the one that contains DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, PARAMS and SONGS subdirectories and press OK.
The next BBManager 1.5.0 version greatly improves this project opening aspect, simplifying it significantly.

It will be available really soon. We must be sure both versions - Mac an Windows - are ready and released simultaneously this time, so no BeatBuddy users feel discriminated.