Add ons from somewhere.

I just went through and cleaned up my songs and have them listed on Gig1 folder, but now I have 5 new files on the bottom that screws things up if I press that listing.

and so on. How do I go about getting rid of these? When I insert the SD card in my computer and import the folders etc., I do not find these 5 files on my screen, but when I plug the SD card back into my BeatBuddy, they come up. If I am scrolling through my songs and press the button on my switch, it starts up with Blues1.

Can you provide a screen shot. I would strongly recommend never to edit the SD card directly - doing so is just asking for trouble!
If you are seeing this in the software then you most likely have a song or folder with with a dot or a comma in the name, rename these to not include these characters. Without a screen shot it is very difficult to tell what is going on.

What things do these 5 files screw up, and what exactly are you trying to do with them?

The BBS files are the actual BeatBuddy songs in an internal format. I would also not recommend editing/adding/deleting them manually unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

Tip: you only need to register/deregister the BBS files in the CONFIG.CSV file that is resided next to them. Open it in a text editor (not in MS Excel!) and I think you’ll figure out what to do :slight_smile:

Every time I add or change songs on my SD card or project, it seems to add a new one. They do not show on my project but when I turn on the Beat Buddy, go to the bottom of my Gig1 songs, they show up. If I click on, it opens up Blues 1 song.

When I click on the first one 8FF80D9C.BBS it actually loads but no sound comes out. All of the following files come up with Country2 at 120 beats. I figure that someone who is involved in the programming would know what these files are and how to either delete them or avoid them.

I loaded a couple of new songs, synched the whole thing and when I plugged in the SD Card, everything was gone. Think I have ghosts in my BB:confused:

I notice you have a dot in the song name please remove all dots (full stops) this is messing up the BB file system.

Psalm 40, I did not put any of those dots in or do anything. Those files automatically appeared when I was updating and changing some songs. On the last go around all 5 of those files disappeared. Perhaps it was “Divine Intervention”.:rolleyes: Cause it sure was nothing I did to get them there in the first place, I think, and I did not do anything out of the ordinary to remove them.
The funny part is that they would show on the BB when I plugged in the SD card, but did not show on BB Manager when I was working. But the last time I synched, I think it was those 5 files which the Manager said it could not transfer, but I am not sure that is really what happened.

I can only tell you what I can see and for some reason your Gig1 folder has numbered songs e.g. 71. Take it easy - that dot after the number will be giving you all sorts of issues.

I did not put that period in after the number of the song. That seems to be an automatic function of when I add a new song to Gig 1 folder. When I am working with the songs there is no number or period.
But when I go to the folders that come from BeatBuddy, like Blues, then when I push the Center button on the beat buddy and go to the blues folder, then I get 1.Blues 1 and 2. Blues2 etc., When I am on the main selection and have 1.Blues, 2.Brazilian, 3. Brushes, etc.,

You are right - just had to remind myself that you will see the song name and the number of the song in the setlist. The only thing I can suggest is finding out what 8FF80D9C.BBS is. It will be song 75 in your Gig 1 folder, check that the name does not have a comma, period, colon, etc…
Somewhere in the songs on your Beatbuddy the name includes a character that is messing up the file system.
If you are struggling finding it then you may need to upload your CONFIG.CSV file from the SD Card. Unfortunately finding the correct one can be a bit tricky. So we will do it one step at a time.

Can you upload the config.csv file from the SONGS folder on your SD card,

I agree, we are on the same page now. But the last time that I added songs to my gig1 list and I synched everything, the extra song files that I pictured on my post went away. So, somehow, I am back to normal. When I did click on that file on my beat buddy, I got a Country2, song and when I checked the files on my documents, I could find that file. So somehow, it migrated to my SD Card when I was putting new songs into the list, but by synching, they finally went away. I really appreciate everyone’s help on this, but it magically went away. Which with my level of computer literacy, is a very good thing.:confused:

As long as it is back to normal :slight_smile:
Trying to figure out what song those numbers are in the middle of a gig would be a bit of a nightmare.