Add Outro to the foot switch

I love the beat buddy and think the company is doing a great job with the new product…

2 features I would like to see added if possible are:

  1. Add another option for the extremal foot switch functions that I could assign the outro to one of the ext foot switches. I know I can double click the main pedal at the end of the measure, but having a 1 click on the ext switch would be nice as it’s less thinking when playing and trying to hit a double click right before the end of the measure.

  2. Immediate fills are cool, but for the outro it would be nice to have the option on the outro for either queue and play at the end of the measure, or be immediate (i.e. on the next beat) which seems to be how it is programmed now. Also, would make it easier to get the ends with less thinking…

Otherwise, I’m really digging the sounds, the ease of use and how it had the guitar player in mind in it’s design… Looking forward to the software manager to start programming some songs and custom sounds…

I’d like to see the footswitches configurable for any of the main switch functions: Start Beat, Insert Fill, Begin Transition, End Transition, End Song. And add Outro separate from End Song.

Actually, I myself want footswitch functions to at least include transition forward and transition backward.

Imagine you have song structured as follows INTRO - CHORUS - [VERSE - CHORUS] x2 - BRIDGE - CHORUS - OUTRO.

I mean VERSE, CHORUS and BRIDGE have different beats going, but they do not go as 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 1 -> etc. BeatBuddy needs to allow users to control transitions more fluently. Like usual transitions do loop VERSE - CHORUS, but then external transition forward would go to BRIDGE.

So, I would expect many more adjustable footswitch options available in the future.

Does that mean we need a more complicated foot-switch pedal?

I need to control bank down or up, tap tempo, pause, clapping, transition forward and transition backward.

With only two foot-switches, I don’t think we can do it.

While I definitely see how the functions you listed can be all necessary, you probably will need to reduce that list :slight_smile:

While there is definitely a possibility to handle external footswitch double-taps, triple-taps, and so on, but seeing how a simple main pedal double-tap for outro is causing so much trouble for end-users, I doubt it will be a good direction to head with improving the BeatBuddy.

I just imagined how it would look like if one could daisy-chain external footswitches :slight_smile:

If you have any suggestion on how to have so many options available at the same time - please go ahead and share! :slight_smile:

Hi Daefecator and others,
I have already suggested on FB that the external foot buttons should be able to respond to long presses. I was told that the current defaults, because of the custom footswitch, are not capable of doing this, but it would be possible with a momentary footswitch. I would buy another new footswitch just support long presses.

So, if we could long press on the external buttons, then that would immediately double the capacity. also, how about a simultaneous press of both external switches?

I would definitely love a way to switch to different song parts instead of having to move sequentially. I suggest an “a to b” function and an “a to c” function or something similar.
If we could long press, then many options would open up.

verse = A Chorus = B bridge = C alternate verse = D

long press the main pedal go from A to B and long press again would go B to A.
long press of left switch go to C and long press left again would go back to where you came from
Long press of right switch goes to D and long press of right goes back to where you came from.

i guess this could all be done with double presses of external switches, but then you couldn’t have tap-tempo available during a song. I’d give up accents for this capability.
does this make any sense?
it might be complicated, but it would open up so much more possibility for those of us who play live and don’t always do the same song twice.


Hello, RustyP :slight_smile:

This is a very nice suggestion. I personally like this.

Despite this will increase an overall complexity of the pedal, it will help dealing with all the functional depth of BeatBuddy immensely. More like “easy to learn, difficult to master” motto.