Adding a another Button Foot Switch to my set up

So I have the MBB 2 button foot switch. I found however, in play mode, I need 3 functions. 1. cymbal accent, 2. pause (midi), and 3. pause non midi, to maximize my variations while playing with my boomerang looper that is tempo synched.

For about 20 bucks I built a simple 1/4 jack in/out volume mute button to achieve the non-midi pause simulation. I simply run this in between my amp and MBB out. … -stompbox/

This does require me to take MBB out of my effects chain and run it as a second line directly into my clean amp or 2nd channel on a PA but the volume control on MBB makes this easy to mix and it sounds fine as long as the channel is clean on the amp or PA. The bonus of running the MBB directly into my PA is I can eq it and reverb it separately with the PA onboard effects which makes it sound even more awesome.

I also was successful in midi temp synching MBB to Boomerang 3 to my Line 6 M9 effects so they are all are reading MBB’s tap tempo. This was achieved by going MBB midi out to Midi in on Boomerang then from Boomerang out midi to Line 6 M9 midi in. It is great having my delays and modulators in time with MBB and my loops.

Good write up, thanks!

I took a different approach, use a passive volume pedal between BB and the amp. (I use a separate signal chain for guitar.)