Adding an instrument

I have a Wav sound I would like to add to one of my drum kits. Tried everything, when I go to the editor it will not show up on my list of instruments.
Thank you.

From Beat Buddy Manager, click on Drum Sets in the left hand window, where Song/Drum Sets/Undo Redo is listed. Pick a Drum Set to which you want to add the sound. Double click on that kit’s name. The kit will load into the Drumset Maker window on the right. If the window scroll bar is not already scrolled to the top, scroll to the top, i.e. the lowest numbered drum in the kit. From the upper tool bar menu, select Drumsets>Add Instrument. A new instrument will appear at the top of your drumkit, numbered 0 for midi zero, unless that space is used already. If it is used. the blank instrument will appear at the lowest number that was not already in the kit. Now you can click on that instrument name and rename it to whatever name you want for the wav. Click on Browse within that new instrument and navigate to your wav and select it. The wav will be added to the kit. You can change the midi number to any open number that you want to use if 0 is inconvenient.