adding new drumsets - no drag and drop possible with the mac version?

I used the windows version before and set up new drumkits. Clicked on the “browse”-buttons, Then a window with my wav-sounds appeard and I could drag and drop one WAV after the other to the drumvoices and the window stayed open during the process - which is good. Now, in the OS version this proces is way less userfriendly: Click on the browse button, the window with the WAV files opens, drag and drop is not possible. Instead you have to click the “open” button with each file and each time the window closes. With the next file the whole procedure again - very cumbersome when you have many wav filles. Why did you miss the drag and drop in the mac version? I stopped making my own drumsets because it takes way to much with this uncomfortable procedure. Or am I missing something?
Also, when searching in the search window, you could see the 3 last searches in the windows version and click on them which is also of great help. This is missing in the IOS version. Can you add this?
Thanks for your help.

Anyone wo cares to answer? Thanks!

That is most likely because it is a beta and not the “official”, for the time being you will either have to use windows version, or just browse to the file. This is something that most likely got overlooked - or maybe it is this functionality that the Mac developers have been struggling with and now that you have raised it I am sure it will get fixed.
Unfortunately I don’t understand what you mean by search function as I have only ever used the Windows version.

Hi Psalm,

thanks for your reply. The help of Daefactor and you is greatly appreciated!
Your answer ("…and now that you have raised it I am sure it will get fixed.") tells me, Beatbuddy support is watching this forum?

Sorry if I wasn´t clear on the “search function”. It is just the same as in the windows version. When you click on the “Browse” button in BBM a window opens like in the windows explorer (or finder in mac). It has a pane in the upper right corner. When you search for a file You type in the letters and the irst results come up as soon as you start typing. In the windows version of the BBM, as soon as the cursor is in the aforementioned pane there are also the last three search terms visible you can use - no need to type them again. Very handy.

Yes and no, BeatBuddy Support do monitor the forum but there is no guarantee that they will see your post or reply and the Mac beta was developed by Daefecator so I think you will need to wait for the official Mac release to have it working as he created it in his is spare time.

@Heinrich - The Mac software is still in beta, so not all of the functions that are on the final version of the Windows BB Manager are on the current beta version of the Mac BB Manager. Our goal is to have both of the final versions of the software to have the same functions and features as each other. If you were using the Windows version and it was more convenient for you, it may be a good idea to continue using it until the final version of the Mac BB Manager gets released.

Looks like dragging drumset DRM files into the BBManager doesn’t work as intended :slight_smile:
I hope to have this fixed by the end of this week.