Adding New MIDI Grooves and Fills


I have standard MIDI grooves and fills that I would like to use to generate new songs on the BeatBuddy. Could you please advise how I can add these grooves / fills to the software?


  1. Follow guide from David Packouz in the topic with the download link.
  2. Look the tutorial video that is linked there.
  3. Hope you’ll figure out how to make it :slight_smile:

The topic in question is here -

Got it! Works Great, in an nutshell

  1. Create a new folder(File, New Project) if not already done (in my case “My Songs”)
  2. Create a new song (File, New Song)
  3. Add intro, verse, fill etc… using the browse folder option in each part of the song (looks like “…” next to the part you want to add ) and pick the MIDI file you want to use once you’ve found the folder in your computer with your MIDI files.
  4. Save project
    Thanks again