Adding Premium Content Full Library via BBM

I have several of the premium content packages previously bought and installed on my BB and in the BBM. However, I just purchased the whole entire library Download version. The only instructions say to copy the files on to the memory stick and not use BBM. I have several other things loaded on my card already, including many of the drumsets and premium packs already on the card. Is there an easy way to just add the premium content I don’t have already, through the BBM and then just sync up the card with BBM? OR, what other way to do this without creating a second copy of the drum/beats I already had on the card. I hope I’m explaining this so you can understand this. The files on the download are not named so I can’t just load the files I am missing because I don’t which files are which. Any help? Thanks.


If you have unique content on your SD card, it should mean you also have it on your computer (that you managed through your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)). In any case, here’s a set of steps that might help you. I’m not sure that’s there’s an easier way to do this but here goes anyway:

  1. Use the BBM to File > Synchronize your project with your SD card. This ensures you have a current backup of your project to your bbworkspace on your computer.
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it, e.g., “Transfer”; I would create another folder within and name it Premium Library 11-23-18 and then copy the contents of your Premium Library from the memory stick (or whatever media was sent) to that folder—this gives you an on-hand backup of what you bought from Singular Sound)
  3. Use the BBM > File > Export > Folder of your unique content (e.g., songs, beats, etc) as folders to your Transfer folder (they will appear in the Transfer folder with a .pbf at the end of the file name)
  4. If you have user-created drum sets, gather all the .drm files that you downloaded and place them in the Transfer folder. If you no longer have those drum set files, it may be easier to re-download them from the old forum Resources/Drum kits and save them in your Transfer folder.
  5. Delete the contents of your SD card (DO NOT FORMAT the SD card—just delete the contents); you may have to empty the trash or recycle folder
  6. Copy the contents of the Premium Library (I’m referring to the Premium Library project folder) from the Transfer/Premium Library 11-23-18 folder to the SD card
  7. Use the BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card; select Open (you’re probably looking for a file named Premium.bbp; follow the prompts to save this new project to your computer and make sure to give it a name different than existing projects; accept the prompt for future synchronizations
  8. Import your songs and drum sets from your Transfer folder; BBM > File > Import > Folder and BBM > File > Import > Drumset
  9. Activate the drum sets that you want by clicking on the Drum Sets tab in the BBM and check the boxes for each drum set that you want active; you may want to check that there are no asterisks beside the Default Drum Set: within each song—not the Drumset name at the top of the BBM screen. If there is an asterisk e.g., * Standard, use the dropdown to reselect the drum set (it was renamed from Standard 1.1 or Standard 1.2 to just Standard)
  10. Once you’ve done all this, use the BBM to Synchronize the content to your SD card; check your pedal to make sure you still have the settings you want. Audition or check the songs on the pedal to verify that they have the right drum set
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Wouldn’t it be easier if they would just make all the rest of the files I haven’t bought available for individual download from my account download page? Then I can just add each file that I don’t have individually and not risk screwing up what I already have saved? Can this be done? It would be so much easier for everyone. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have to do this.

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